Research Instrument for the Purpose of Gathering Information from Respondents

Survey and Questionnaire

Focus on the responses & clarity

At Rewriters we have extensive experience in crafting survey questions and questionnaires that are based on the principles of scientific survey design, fine-tuned for measurement validity, readability and effective survey flow. Our experts are able to conduct studies that include the use of online, telephone, mail and sometimes on field surveys if required. We have a professional team of statisticians, PhD survey researchers and other professionals who are involved in the process. We also provide a full scale design of questionnaires from scratch based on the topic. The questions we craft have utmost relevance to the topic and provide maximum information through the usage of efficient and important questions.

Our writers understand that surveying is an art form which is very important for research purposes. The participants are provided with close ended questions that are not loaded and leading. The survey should trigger the participants to come up with their own opinion rather than being misled through the question. The choices that are provided to the participants are focused on clarity and the responses do not contain any substitute within the choices. This helps the participants make clear decisions. The questions that make the document are made specific so as to avoid doubts in the participants’ mind. The use of specific questions also prevents the participants from skipping the question or providing alternative opinions. Our writers also avoid the use of unfamiliar words in surveys as the participants prefer the use of simple words. The survey is conducted on participants who are willing to share their opinions and information.