Collect Information & Data from Cohesive & Conceptual Ideas

  • Various research Methods
  • Information from where the data is collected

Research Methodology

The research methodology chapter is written to explain and expound on the various research methods, processes and steps that can be used for obtaining the required data for the research, analyzing the collected data and establishing the result of conducting the research process. The methodology chapter presents not only the research methods that would be applied on the research but also contains the means of information presentation where the required data is collected. We at Rewriters understand the application of various procedures might tend to confuse many students as they have to provide the justification for usage of the mentioned methodologies. The chapter has to be expressed in an effective way and must not exceed the assigned word count; hence, it has to be efficiently written as well.

Some of the common research methodologies include practical tests, online research, material reviews such as books, magazines and various journals. Some of our projects even demand the use of field research. The presentation of this chapter has to be clear and the reader has to understand what methodology has been applied. The justification of the use of the methodology is also presented in the research methodology chapter.

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