Standardised method of formatting

  • Helps to trace the source
  • Standard required of scholarly communication


References are for making statements into factual productions. Every journal, assignment, book and various other documents or manuscripts that contain factual content are cited to justify the authenticity of those statements. There are various styles of referencing involved when it comes to citations. The main styles of referencing are APA, Chicago, Harvard Referencing, and MLA. These citations are used in higher education as to state the source of the information stated in an assignment or an essay. Higher education is tests students on what you know but what you are able to find out through research learning.

APA is an author based and demands more emphasis on the author and date of the piece of work. MLA is often used by the arts and humanities group and mostly in universities in the USA. Harvard is quite similar to the APA style but is most used by universities in the UK and Australia. Vancouver is another referencing style which is for medical and scientific papers and Chicago is mostly used for history and economics. These details are jotted down in the last page of the assignment under the title of References and bibliography. Our writers make sure that every piece of work has statements from various reliable sources. It is noted that faculty from many major universities prefer documents with more number of citations and factual content. Therefore, our writers produce content which contains more number of citations and more references. Our writers also work on the statements and present it in a unique manner. The unique approach with various uses of citation styles, we are able to produce content which has no plagiarism.

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