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Apart from producing the entire document, we also provide assistance to other writers or students who were able to produce all the content but required a professional touch. Our proofreaders find out if the requirements stated by the university or client for the document have been fulfilled. They thoroughly go through the document and focus on the format. Bad Grammar and missing comas are scared stiff of these Grammar Nazis. Our proofreaders point out various mistakes in documents including improper grammar, missing or redundant punctuation, missing or incomplete references and document format. Postgraduate with at least 5 years experience in proofreading can apply for this position.

Send your resumes to hr@rewriters.in

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We assure you with guaranteed succes in the target market with solid content & success rate.

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We help you in preparing & producing the report with live & timely support that brings out the best.

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We deliver you the best quality of reports on time and revamp the site with apt content.

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We help in preparing your report with the best advantage that provide an edge over others.