Network Simulator

Network simulating projects

Networking has been one of the most sought for topics for researchers. The category for networks has been expanding from wired to wireless. There has been a constant update of journals with regards to networking. Conferences are held every year as well. Still, there are not many advance networking tools available. We provide you with projects that are related to networks using NS2, an application that has topped the network simulation charts. It comes with several protocol implementations such as AODV, AOMDV, etc. The students are given tasks amid their last year and are given a greatest of three to four months to finish and present the project while studying for their course work continuously. We have specialists who have involvement in utilizing various network simulations and produce projects that are of high quality. We expect nothing less than spectacular from our individuals who strive for perfection while providing you projects on NS2 and giving you content that can be used in presentations. With our specialists you can deliver activities that can improve grades